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 🌿About Jazz🌿

Currently residing in Atlanta, Jazmin Anita (she/they) is a 28-year-old Veteran and self-taught, multi-dimensional Illustrator.

While they’ve been drawing and creating their entire life, they began exploring digital art in 2017; this re-ignited their passion for the arts and the desire to create art that would heal her inner child and challenge the standard of beauty.


They've had the honor of sharing their art internationally, as well as working with companies like Adult Swim, Strong Black Lead on Netflix, Proper GnarMarvel, Amazon and more.

Since becoming a full-time artist in 2021, they look forward to all the universes they'll create in the future.

Jazmin's Mission

“I want people to look at my Art and say, ‘hey, that looks like me.”


Is a mission statement Jazmin Anita believes in.


She believes in the power of representation through Art, and hopes to inspire generations of creatives to not only challenge the standard of art produced in main media, but break down barriers to create their own someday.

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Jazmin's Product

Jazmin prides herself on the quality of her products, bringing together the finest materials and stunning design to create something special and unique for everyone to enjoy.

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