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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are pre-orders for the Afro-Anime Calendar going to be open?

Pre-orders for the calendar will remain open until October 31, 2022.

What should I do before placing my order for the Afro-Anime Calendar?

Before placing your order, please double check your information such as name, address, and billing to avoid potential return to sender issues.

Can I order Afro-Anime Calendars in wholesale quantities?

Yes, however, for wholesale quantities, send an email at for the order to placed.

How will the Afro-Anime Calendar be packaged?

It will be packaged in a 12.75" x 15" cardboard mailer with a protective poly mailer around it. Since it will be delivered in a flat envelope, it will not fit in a mailbox. It will be delivered to front doors, garages, porches, etc.

Will there be international shipping?

Yes. We will be using USPS First Class Package International to ship out the Afro-Anime Calendars. Depending on your country, international orders may have to pick up the package from the post office with a fee.

When should I expect delivery of my Afro-Anime Calendar?

Delivery of the Afro-Anime Calendar for domestic orders is expected by mid-November. International orders should make it before the New Year. However, this also depends on the amount of orders and USPS shipping carriers still dealing with COVID-19.

How will I be able to keep track of my Afro-Anime Calendar?

We will be using USPS for our shipping where you can receive frequent up to date tracking information. As well as sign up for alerts via text and email through every step of delivery.

I want to order an Afro-Anime Calendar as a surprise for a friend. How should I fill out the shipping information?

If ordering for a friend, make sure to put their name in for the address to avoid an issue with it possibly being returned to sender. Also, keep up with the tracking information to notify them that they can expect a delivery.

Will my Afro-Anime Calendar be insured by USPS?

Unfortunately, USPS only insures Priority Mail Packages while we will be shipping First Class Package. If you order more than one calendar, the package weight will automatically bump up the shipping to Priority Mail. Therefore, insuring multiple calendars up to $100 for free.

Are refunds available for the Afro-Anime Calendar?

Refunds are only available for the Afro-Anime Calendar before pre-orders begin shipping out in November. If you would like a refund after that, contact to see if you meet the qualifications.


I think my Afro-Anime Calendar is missing in the mail. Who do I contact about that?

After checking the tracking information on your Afro-Anime Calendar, fill out a missing package investigation form on USPS’s website. If you need help filling out this information, contact

I’ve received my Afro-Anime Calendar, but there’s an issue with it. Who do I contact?

If you’ve got a problem with your calendar, contact with the issue and your order number.

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